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Preliminary animation to present to customer. Still needs type and correct coloring.

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*FINAL* *Post Production*

Here is the final of my visual musique! This is exported as an avi out of flash so the quality is not great. Enjoy!

Post Production
I am very pleased with the final product. Of course there are always going to be little things I could tweak but overall I love it. There really isn't anything I would have changed about the whole process either because all of that stuff is how I arrived at my final piece. Even the major roadblock helped me to focus and concentrate my ideas. I decided at that point to concentrate on the concept and what I wanted the piece to achieve rather than the imagery. I just let the visuals come to me.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


All I have left is to dont even know how happy this makes me. I'm done! The final will be posted soon!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Final Part

So I finally finished! I still have a few minor adjustments to make. For the final piece, I went fully abstract. Instead of focusing on shapes I decided to use lines. The lines roughly form shapes but the transformations became extremely complex which fit perfectly in with the music.

The timing came out wonderful as well. I was very pleased. Also the choice of colors help to reinforce the intensity of the music.

I am extremely proud of how this turned out. I always have wonderful ideas but have trouble executing them as I see them in my head. This piece came out exactly how I wanted it to. It is a really good feeling!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Other Ending

Choice of Endings

I need some help selecting an ending. I am going to post a few ideas and if you could tell me which one you like best. Sorry I am not sure how to just export the ending so you gotta sit through the whole thing but I have done more animation since my last post so there is new stuff for you to look at. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tryin to get through it

So I'm not going to post an updated version of my video with this post because it takes too much time to export it. Sorry...

Anyway things are going well. There are a few parts that I would like the animation to be more complex but I dont have the time. I do like the visuals I am producing though. From the last post, I had been using the automatic drawing method but the time constraint puts too much pressure on me thus making that method harder to achieve. Anyway so I have started to use references but they still look good. They are not as abstract.

Anyway I am happy with the work I am doing. I have about 2,000 frames to go until completion. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whole New Direction!

So I completely got rid of my first idea...the blocks are gone! It just didnt fit with the direction i was going. Anyway so I have adapted to my roadblocks. I am trying to utalize the strengths and limitations of the shape tween feature and surprisingly I am happy with the results.

For the second chorus part (begins with orange drip form at top), I am not sure what to do with the background. The next two sequences uses solid color (white than black) for the background so I do not want to use a solid color for this one. The previous uses dots which i like but it needs to be something different.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Kandinsky Inspiration

Here is an undated version. It still needs a lot of work but I like the direction I am going with it. Not sure if I want to keep the abstract animation black and white or use colors. Please let me know what you think. THANKS!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More progress

So I worked tonight on the snake segment. The video has a large gap where there is no animation after the blocks sequence but there is stuff after that. Frame by Frame takes too much time!


So here is a very brief clip of what I have so far. The swoosh on the first set of images are not final, I was just testing the movement of it. Also I have realized that with the movements I would like to do, I have to key frame everything which is going to take me forever.

Anyway I have worked out a lot more specific ideas for my project and if anyone is interested I wouldnt mind sitting down with someone and bouncing them off of them. I will probably be in the lab all this week in the evening so if anyone would like to help I would appreciate it. My email is



I was sick with Pneumonia last week and didnt get much work done. My project was also a mess because I had been working it out all in one file. Now I have created a new and organized flash file. I create all the images in another and then bring it into this one.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

3D Subtle Gesture

Progress on Final

I was having a hard time starting the project, so last night I just sat down and played around with it. I started off with an original idea from my storyboard. I made a mistake while creating but it inspired me to incorporate afterimages in order to create secondary visuals. So I moved beyond my original idea and spent the next two hours doing something completely different. In the end I decided that I liked my original idea better so I went back and fixed it. However, I am going to still intertwine afterimages into my concept.

As far as a schedule, I cannot come up with a strict schedule. Basically I am using the method of automatism and its hard to preplan everything. I will split up the song into sections and set loose due dates for those.

Also for character sheet, I will be posting video's of my ideas as I work through them. I work much better when I just create it at that time oppossed to carefully planning it. It would be different if I was doing character animation but my forms are abstract.

I have decided on a color scheme. I will be using Red (BA1212), Green (0B470B), Orange (CC4400) and Blue (0B0B74).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lip Sync

Finished the final tutorial. Now I have to get started on the final project!

Walk Cycle

Here is my walk cycle. I did it frame by frame which although takes more time, I think it is easier.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Here are my sketches for the storyboard just to portray the visuals I have set my mind on thus far. You may not be able to read my writing but it is just describing the action that will be taking place. I plan on having animatics to simply show the movement in real-time.

I will be using geometric forms such as the rectangle, square, steps, ect...
For organic imagery I will be using waves, jellyfish, ect.
What I plan on doing is getting video's of things that portray the movement or emotion that i am trying to express. I will use those as a guide for rotocoping much more abstract forms to the basic movement. (So far I have created a horse gallop sequence but I am still working on it.)
-Pulp Fiction
-Jelly Fish

They are on here in reverse page order. Either way it jumps around

Walk Cycle_In process

I worked on my walk cycle today and it was fairly simple. I have made so many walk cycles that I understand the process, it is just figuring out the best way to do it with medium you are using. FLash is really basic so I didnt have a lot of trouble.

So I have finished the basic cycle. I need to go back and adjust the ease in and outs but I am pleased with my character.



Visuals: Alyssa Morley

Song: Spaghetti by Martin Schmidt, GEMA (

There are several major themes I would like to convey in this music video. The first will be a sense of mystery which will be indicated with visuals simulating a periodic horse gallop. This will occur at the time with the increase tempo.

The second theme is the juxtaposition between suaveness and contained danger. Images of abstract steps and waves will appear interchangeably according to the rhythm of the music. The danger aspect will be indicated with geometric shapes of black and red. The suaveness will be indicated through an abstract version of the dance scene in the film Pulp Fiction. The figure will be composed on curvilinear lines that sway back and forth at the point of the hips.

Each different instrument will be simulated with different colors or shapes to add variety. Also there is a point in the song where there is a vibrato which is when the musician vibrates the strings by slightly altering the pitch higher and lower. I plan on displaying this part with dots in a circular formation.

John Travolta speaks about foot rubs at one point during the film. He says “Sensuous thing going on but you don’t talk about it.” I want to display this sensuous undertone in the song. I plan on using a curvy orange circular form.

My color choice will be juxtaposition on black and white as well as blown out colors. The black and white is to not only evoke a sense of calmness but also to reinforce the Pulp Fiction theme. The blown out colors will be used to add intensity. Also when the music is quiet, the visuals will appear to be far away form the viewer and when the music is loud it will appear close.

I will still be using circular forms in my visuals however my focus will not be on cycles in nature. I will be representing that subtlety yet the video will concentrate on portraying the before mentioned emotions.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tutorial 3_Rotoscoping

I really enjoyed rotoscoping. The first one had a lot of frames and it got pretty repetitive but it was still fun. It's too bad that the walk cycle is not correct from the video.

The first video I shot for the reference for this rotoscope was too dark. Thomas was nice enough to let me film him walking and this worked as much better reference.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tutorial 2

For the second tutorial, we were to animate a puppet jumping. This was fairly easy considering it did not require a lot of layers.

For the second part of the tutorial, we were to create our own animation. I decided to do a monster. Mostly I wanted to play around with using multiple layers.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tutorial 1_Bouncing Balls

Creating the first one was extremely easy.

However when I went to create the bouncing ball with the custom ease in/ ease out feature, I hit several road blocks. I understand how the graph works but as you can see the end is too quick. Using that feature I could not figure out how to add more frames to the end. It seemed as if (possibly because of the size) there was a set designated number of frames that would show the ball at the end of th curve.

I got so fed up with it that I went back and ended up doing it frame by frame. this allowed me to have control over where the ball appeared and how fast it was. It


To be honest, I do not read a whole lot. I can never find time too with school and work. However I am reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test written by Tom Wolfe. Although confusing at times, it is very engaging.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


NOTE: My premise has recently been changed to the following.

Visual Interpretation of Spaghetti.
Audience: Anyone who is interested in abstract art and music.

Beginning: Start off slow in accordance with music
Who-Organic shapes
What-Visual Interpretation of St Spaghetti
Where- Pulp Fiction theme


~The main visual theme will be cyclical nature. Abstractly, I will represent many of the cycles found in nature.

~Visuals will reflect tone, melodies, lyric, ect.
~Although the intensity of the music does not dramatically increase, I will have the visuals gradually become more complex and chaotic.


~In this case there will be a sequence following the punch line/climax
~Satisfying ending that gradually decreases after the climax to match the rhythm of the song

Punch line:

~The punch line is more of a climax
~When the music is at it’s most intense part, the visuals will be bursting with high energy

~The visuals will gradually build to this sequence but the punch line will bring an explosion of colors and shapes.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This is my final project for Character Design and Layout.

First Flash Project_Aish Tamid 2005

This was my first project in flash that I completed at Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts. Due to time constraints, I focused more on learning the program than executing my vision the way I would have liked to. It is much more literal than I would have liked and at times is extremely repetive.

With that aside, this type of animation is what I would like to focus on. Ideally I would like to use morphing organic shapes to bring music to life in a visual sense.